3 Surprising Facts About Roof Coating

For many commercial building owners and homeowners, roof coatings are just another step in the preparation process. However, many people might not know what roof coatings actually are or how they work. That’s why it’s important for contractors to educate their customers.

Some people might even think that roof coatings are just layers of shingles that offer a little extra protection for their roofs. That’s not the case. They’re much more complex than that.

The truth is that roof coatings are a must-have to make sure that your customer, their wallet, AND their roof all have the protection necessary for a long-term investment. 

Here are some surprising and necessary facts about roof coatings that every contractor should know to help educate their customers!

What Are Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings are liquid-based coverings made with high-quality resins that create durable and flexible layers of protection once they dry. 

Before they’re sprayed or applied with a brush/roller, they have a similar consistency to paint. However, they’re more technical and far more advanced than paint. 

Because they’re so flexible, they can fill in small cracks and seams that appear in your roof, helping to prevent leaks and moisture damage. 

Additionally, due to their ability to help a roof absorb moisture and UV rays, they can help regulate temperature fluctuations in structures, leading to energy savings down the road. 

Think of them as a flexible sort of “rubber sunscreen” that encases your customer’s roof, keeping moisture and UV rays out, while regulating temperature and protecting from severe weather damage.

Overall, roof coatings are cost-effective, long-lasting, and highly capable solutions for roof protection. 

Here are some specific benefits they provide thanks to their chemical and physical properties!

Reduced Energy Consumptions

A concern that your customers may have is how they will save money on their utility bills during those grueling summer days and frigid winter nights. 

Everyone is aware of the high utility bill cost that turning up the AC or heat has on their wallet and unfortunately, they can’t always escape these costs. 

This can be especially true during the winter months as heat escapes through the attic and the roof.

Without roof coatings, your client’s roof could have leaks or cracks that could lead to hot air escaping their home. This could create cool spots indoors and raise utility bills as their heating system has to work harder to keep up, using more power.

Plus, during the summer, roofs without coatings can turn buildings into saunas as they let UV radiation into the building and trap it inside. This makes your customers’ AC systems run more and use more power, raising their electricity bills.

Don’t worry, there’s hope for financial savings when your customers invest in a high-quality roof coating.

In the winter, roof coatings help to keep warm air inside by sealing off cracks and leaks. During the summer, they reflect UV rays away from the roof which keeps their interior spaces cool, giving their AC system and their wallet a much-needed break.

According to the EPA, your customers can expect net annual savings of around 50 cents per square foot of roofing, which means that it won’t take long for their roof coating to pay for itself over its 20+ year lifespan.  

Protects from Extreme Weather Changes 

Using coatings such as elastomeric roof coatings can bring an extra layer of protection to any roof. 

Elastomeric roof coatings can extend the life of your client’s roof by protecting it from rain, snow, ice, sleet, hail, extreme heat, UV rays, and other harsh conditions that nature will throw at it. 


As we mentioned before, elastomeric roof coatings are flexible, meaning they can expand and contract with your customer’s building as temperatures fluctuate between extremes. This reduces the chances of cracks that result in leaks and moisture damage.

When do extreme temperature differences occur? They usually happen during “bridge seasons” like fall or spring, when temperatures are shifting from consistently hot to cold, or consistently arid to humid. 

These temperature and humidity differences cause the construction materials of your building to expand and contract, as you can probably notice when you hear “settling noises” during these seasons. 

Again, flexibility means protection that holds shape over the long term. Elastomeric roof coatings will keep your customers covered year-round.

Longer Roof Life

When your client’s roof is protected with a roof coating, it’ll be able to handle all sorts of conditions for a longer time than a traditional roof. 

Elastomeric roof coatings are long-lasting solutions for protection. They can last over 20 years, making them a very worthwhile investment when you factor in financial savings from energy bills and reduced repairs from weathering. 

A contributing factor that impacts the lifespan of an elastomeric coating is how thick or thin it’s applied. Our team at Rugged Coatings will be able to help you determine the appropriate thickness for your clients’ roofs according to their needs.

The thickness of your elastomeric roof coating and the product you use can also impact warranty coverage. Contact us to talk through what warranty options are for your specific coating application!

A great warranty helps you know you’re covered by your manufacturer and helps your customers know that their contractor has the high-quality products they need to get the job done correctly. 

Rugged Coatings

Rugged Coatings was formed by industry veterans who were sick of supply chain and customer service issues resulting in difficult and unpredictable workflows for contractors and distributors. 

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We understand that contractors need a consistent partner to provide them with roof coatings where they need them, when they need them, without question. 

To make sure your customers get the roofing protection results they deserve, use Rugged Coatings!

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