Meet Rugged Coatings

When a creative team of chemists and foam-industry veterans joined forces to tackle and fix the problems in the elastomeric coatings industry, they all had one thing in mind: they were determined to be the manufacturer that industry professionals could always count on, no matter what.

Committed to fanatical customer support, timely distribution, and exceptional quality control, Rugged Coatings manufacturers and supports elastomeric coatings the way they should be manufactured and supported.

Your Complete Solution for the Ultimate Roofing-System

Providing solutions to the problems people in our industry face every day didn’t start and stop with Rugged Coatings. Our sister company, Accufoam, has created the most precise and predictable spray foam product on the market today.

We formulated our open cell and closed cell foams to provide consistent yield, dramatically reduce clogging, and perform consistently day after day, week after week, month after month. It’s a difference you have to experience to appreciate.

A CPS Company

Rugged Coatings is a division of Creative Polymer Solutions, America’s emerging leader in polyurethane resin technology. From the factory to the job site, CPS takes an innovative approach to develop application-specific solutions leveraging the unique and versatile properties of polyurethane resins. 

Everything we do reflects our precision chemistry, high-accuracy manufacturing, and dependable customer service. All so you can have a partner you’re confident relying on. Along with its sister company, Accufoam, Rugged Coatings is delivering leading solutions for the building trades. 


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