When the coatings go wrong, when the foam doesn’t stick, who do you call?
Who stands with you to fix the problem?

Stop wasting your time and money on two roofing products, from two different companies, with conflicting warranties, frustrating customer service teams, and no guarantee they’ll work well together.

Rugged Coatings is providing the same reliable coating products you’re used to, with the industry’s best spray foam products engineered to work together for superior protection. We’ve partnered with our sister company, Accufoam®, to bring you the highest-performing roofing system available.

Protect your work with a unified roofing system created to bond with unwavering strength.

Faulty Products Have No Place on the Job Site

Contractors and distributors need dependable manufacturers and reliable products they can trust to adhere with an iron-clad strength.

By investing in our unified Rugged Roofing System, you’re not simply paying for a product: you’re investing in two teams of professionals dedicated to solving the problems you experience in the field and making your job easier. Our customer service team and product engineers are here to empower you with the support you need to complete every single job with success.

A Unified Solution Engineered to Work Together

Get the same reliable coatings you’re used to, plus Accufoam®’s spray foam formula engineered to work with our coatings for maximum performance.

Foam and coatings all in one place

Easy product ordering and logistics

Industry-best customer service

We put contractors & distributors first

That means we pick up the phone when you call.

Rugged Coatings was created by experienced chemists and industry veterans who understand the effort you put into each and every job, and more importantly, how critical it is to have high-quality products backed by a customer service team you can depend on.

Our experts will ensure that you get your products exactly when you need them and according to spec, so that you can always complete your project on time, on budget, and with satisfying results.

If help is needed, we’ll be there for you to answer your questions and solve your problems. At Accufoam®, the team keeps a small batch of all of the solutions they create so that if something were to go wrong, chemists can quickly grab your sample and go to work to solve the problem, getting you back to spraying in no time.

With Rugged Coatings and Accufoam® by your side, you can have peace of mind you’ll always have the support you need to confidently complete your work.

Warranties and Guarantees

We’ve got your back.

We guarantee through our certified contractors that your product is applied according to spec. We also guarantee to our contractors that your job won’t go south.

Warranties are customizable based on the specifics of the job, like SPF thickness, roofing type, square feet, and minimum DFT Requirements. Rugged Coatings and Rugged Roofing System warranty program requirements are subject to change without notice. Give us a call today to speak with our team about available warranties.

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Work with a roofing system engineered for success

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