AC58 is an affordable, industry-leading, spray-on acrylic roof coating designed to let you complete your jobs with ease.

Best for hot and dry climates, AC58 is designed to be an affordable and cost-effective solution for low-slope and flat-roof systems with a service life of 7-14 years. AC58 is easy to handle because it doesn’t require special equipment and is easy to clean.

Having a Rugged Coatings professional install AC58 to your roof will ensure peace of mind, both for your business and your finances.

When you pair Rugged Coatings elastomeric coatings with our sister company’s world-class spray foam, Accufoam, you get the industry’s best complete solution for high-spec roofing systems.

Accufoam’s industry-leading spray foam insulation provides exceptional R-values, with strength, high yield, and consistency you can count on. When protected from UV and toughened by our elastomeric coatings, your Rugged Coatings roofing system will outperform every expectation.

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