Durable & Consistent Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems On-Demand.

Rugged Coatings develops and manufactures industry-leading elastomeric roof coatings, and provides spray-applied roof systems. Together, with our sister company, Accufoam®, we are your complete solution for high-spec roofing systems.

Get in control, and finish jobs with elastomeric coating products that are backed by dedicated customer service and supply chain management. It’s time to become the subcontractor of choice in your area with a product you can depend on to show up and perform whenever you need it to.

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Your Success Shouldn’t be Reliant on Your Manufacturer

We understand that mergers and acquisitions of coating providers have caused uncertainty and disruption. When you go to order a product and you find that it’s been discontinued or that it’s out of stock, you suddenly find yourself scrambling for a new plan, or you’re out of luck. Or if you’re halfway through repairing a roof and you run out of coating, you can’t finish the job until later, and that’s stressful for you and the client. Merger efficiencies have a butterfly effect that negatively impact the people in our industry. For example:

  • When a weather window opens, inventory becomes scarce
  • Multinational companies are constantly changing their formulas
  • Multinational companies have inadequate and stressful customer service
  • Supply chains are more unreliable than ever before



Vary viscosity to suit your application style


Product is available when and where you need it


Behaves like you expect it to

Excellent Customer Service

Talk to a person, not a multinational corporation

Rugged Coatings has put years of time and effort into building a supply chain that you can trust to get your products to you exactly when and where you need them, and with attentive quality control so that you can confidently complete jobs when the opportunity arises.

But don’t just take our word for it—Check out our product spec sheets and see for yourself.


We’re here to support you.

Putting our customers first from the start.

You need a partner that you can count on to support you no matter what. Like you, our team is made up of professionals who are passionate about the industry and who want to make it better.

The lack of customer service and support from the few companies out there has led to an uncomfortable level of uncertainty and insecurity in the industry. We’re here to change that. Our expert staff are eager and waiting to hear from you.

When you choose Rugged Coatings, you choose a company that understands how important your job is. It’s a difference you can feel the first time you call us.

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