When the Best Roofing System Meets the Best Professionals

Like many of you, we had the chance to head to Daytona, FL in February for the annual Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance convention. The show was a great success, and we’re thankful to all of the vendors, contractors and sponsors, including the incredible work done by our friends at the SPFA to put on the event.  

Our team had a chance prior to the show to check out the SPFA Professional Certification Program Field Experience. This experience allows contractors and applicators to gain the highest recognition for excellence and competence in their trade. The PCP certification is the only one of its kind for the professional SPF industry.  It is the first in the US which is ISO 17024 compliant, standards driven and internationally recognized. 

The Experience 

Applicants undergo both a written and practical examination. The practical examination tests on safety, equipment knowledge and competency, and application skills. Being certified recognizes an individual’s achievement in demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job right, with criteria established by the industry. SPFA PCP Accredited companies benefit, because they have the credentials which show their professionalism by investing in certified individuals and demonstrating they follow the best practices in the industry with a code of conduct, safety training and professional business practices. 

The SPF industry benefits from having an internationally recognized, third party verifiable, industry wide and standard driven certification program. 

The consumer benefits from the confidence of knowing that SPFA PCP Accredited Companies and Certified Individuals have demonstrated competency in getting the job done right. 


We had a chance to snag Richard Medford, national sales manager of ProFoam, to discuss the certification program, the roofing foam application station, and the broader benefit of SPF roofing for commercial building owners. ProFoam is a proud distributor of the Rugged Roofing System 

[Video Embed: Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance Professional Certification Program — Roofing Station ]


Rugged Roofing System 

The Rugged Roofing System combines the most precise foam on the market—Accufoam—and the durable, tested coatings from Rugged Coatings to form a unified solution for your roofing needs. As Richard mentioned in the video, SPF roofs are among the strongest, most durable options for a commercial roof on the market. Plus, the life cycle savings of a SPF roof are unmatched.  

The Rugged Roofing System allows you to source your foam and coatings from the same company, ensuring maximum compatibility, unparalleled customer service and hassle-free, conflict-free warranty coverage. Protect your work with a unified roofing system created to bond with unwavering strength.  

SPFA Certification 

For more information about the SPFA Professional Certification Program, please visit: