Are you restoring a commercial roof or dealing with a customer with an expired warranty whose roof is in fine shape?

There’s no need to entirely rip off and replace a roof when you could simply apply an elastomeric roof coating. This will extend the life of their existing roof by 10 to 20 years, depending on the thickness of the coating.

In addition to extending the roof’s life, elastomeric coatings enhance reflectivity to save on energy expenses and create a seamless, watertight coating to prevent water damage.

Here at Rugged Coating, we understand how important it is to be armed with the right information when providing a service to your customers, so let’s have a look at elastomeric roof coatings in more detail:

What Is an Elastomeric Roof Coating?

A fluid-applied elastomeric roof coating is sprayed or back-rolled directly onto an existing roof system.

These roofs are often in good functional shape with few leaks, and their warranties are due to expire.

A contractor installs an elastomeric roof coating for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is less expensive than a complete tear-off.
  • It is classified as upkeep. (It is not considered another roof layer.)
  • It adds a waterproof coating that is smooth and monolithic.
  • Because it is white, it reflects sunlight away, keeping buildings cool in hot weather and lowering the energy bill more than a dark-colored roof would.

How Long Does an Elastomeric Roof Coating Last?

The elastomeric producer has conducted thorough weather testing to evaluate the longevity of their goods. Depending on the original application thickness, elastomeric roof coatings will last 10-20 years. 

  • A 10-year warranty will need the application of 20 mils of elastomeric roof coating.
  • A 20-year warranty will need 30 mils of elastomeric roof coating.

Can Elastomeric Roof Coverings Outlast Their Warranties?

Yes, and the majority of them do. It is not unusual to find a 10-year warrantied roof in excellent shape after the expired warranty.

It’s worth noting that elastomeric roof coatings will survive longer with adequate annual care and inspection of the roof, especially after weather-related events like heavy thunderstorms and hail storms.

What Maintenance Can Be Performed To Enhance The Life Of Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

The majority of roofing maintenance plans start with a visual inspection and report. Look for early warning signals of major damage. Wind, rain, trash, or any foot traffic with access to the roof can all cause damage.

Maintenance also includes paying specific attention to locations where water passage is impacted, such as gutters, drains, and scuppers. As a roofing contractor, you want to ensure that when it rains, the water flows off the roof as intended.

A maintenance contract is an excellent method to keep your clients’ facilities in good condition, so consider making one available to them.

Has An Elastomeric Coating Ever Failed To Survive The Expected Lifetime?

No. And if it didn’t stay as long as it should have, it was due to an applicator error. Some examples of applicator mistakes include:

Too Thin Of A Coating – A 10-year warranty requires a coating thickness of 20 mils. If only 10 mils of coating are applied, the product may not endure the whole ten years.

Incorrect Mixing – The coatings used nowadays are single components, which means you simply open the drum, swirl it, and start putting the product down. However, older coatings may have various components that must be blended for effective performance. If the components are blended incorrectly or not mixed enough, the product will not work as intended.

A Summary Of Elastomeric Roof Coatings And Their Lifespans

Elastomeric roof coverings have a lifespan of 10-20 years, and can greatly extend the lifespan of a customer’s roof.

Elastomeric roof coverings work best with typical elastomeric roof maintenance, such as:

  • Visual checks for symptoms of substantial deterioration.
  • Minor repairs for storm and traffic damage.
  • Debris clearing from waterways for proper water flow off the roof.

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