4 Major Benefits Of Having A Unified Foam And Coating Roof System

Roof coatings and spray polyurethane roofing foams are growing as highly desirable options for commercial building protection. They’re desirable for their strength, durability, and overall great return on investment. Plus, they’re growing in popularity as “eco-friendly” building materials and practices are on the rise. 

Here’s a brief summary of what roof coatings are. 

Roof coatings are thick, liquid-based coating formulas made with high-quality resins that create durable and flexible layers of protection once they cure. They have a similar consistency to paint, but are applied much thicker, and have much more durable and elastic properties once they dry. 

Their flexibility allows them to be especially useful for filling in small cracks, holes, or seams in roofing structures, increasing their waterproofing capabilities. 

Additionally, due to their ability to deflect moisture and UV rays, they can help regulate temperature fluctuations in structures, leading to energy savings down the road. 

Overall, roof coatings are cost-effective, long-lasting, and highly capable solutions for roof protection. 

When combined with spray polyurethane roofing foam, they make a unified roofing system that provides exceptional protection from the elements that will last for decades. 

What are some specific roof coating benefits that both contractors and commercial property managers should consider when addressing roofing needs? Keep reading to find out.

1. Extended Roof Life

Roof coatings are especially beneficial for protecting your building from damage, in multiple ways. They protect from water intrusions, UV radiation damage, as well as temperature fluctuations, and even severe weather. This is especially true when they’re applied on top of spray polyurethane roofing systems, which provide exceptional insulation and impact protection properties. 

Here’s a real-life example of how having a roof coating system protects from weather damage. Following 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) took a close look at how various roofing and insulation materials hold up during extreme weather events. 

They found that monolithic roof (roofing systems where the membrane is one layer) coatings are especially durable, serving as reliable high-wind performers and also being more tolerant of impact, such as from hail, than other systems. 

Spray foam roofs with elastomeric coatings also provide greater uplift resistance because they’re held in place together without fasteners. That means it’s completely 100% attached to the roof deck, so there are no weak points in the roof and it’s less susceptible to wind uplift. 

Roof coatings extend your roof life in another way, too. They can last over 20 years. This means that instead of facing a new roof replacement, only the roof coatings need to be touched up.

Commercial building owners can wait decades before replacing their roof again, saving them massive amounts of time, money, and resources.

2. Cost-Effective

Unified spray foam and elastomeric roof coating systems can save both contractors and commercial building owners money. 

Contractors can save money when they work with a supplier like Rugged Coatings that provides a complete roofing package that includes both SPF and coatings, backed by the same parent company and warranties. They’ll be able to save time and money by getting products from the same place, instead of shopping around and potentially waiting for the other supplier to catch up with demand. 

Commercial building owners and property managers can save a lot of money in the long run when they invest in a unified spray foam and elastomeric coating roofing system. As previously mentioned, the extended roof life allows them to go much longer between repairs and replacements, which can translate to thousands of dollars saved. Plus, a well-insulated and sealed roof creates energy bill savings, which we’ll discuss next. 

3. Energy Efficient

A unified roofing system helps save energy in a few ways. Let’s start with the spray foam aspect. 

Spray polyurethane roofing foam insulates the roof from the outside, meaning hot or cool air is less likely to escape or intrude. In other words, it helps to regulate the building’s temperature. This is especially true when spray foam insulation is applied to the inside of the roof as well, but this is a different formula of insulation that‘s much less dense. However, it’s still worth mentioning the benefits. 

On the other hand, roof coatings help to regulate the temperature of the building by protecting the spray foam from degradation. They help to protect the insulative properties of the foam, while also providing insulative properties themselves. Additionally, they can reflect UV rays to keep buildings cool, or even attract UV rays to keep them warm, depending on the climate. 

Since both the SPF and roof coatings are monolithic, they don’t have seams where air or temperature leaks are likely to occur. Plus, they cover the existing seams on the construction substrate beneath them. 

Overall, this leads to reduced energy bills as the buildings’ heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain optimal temperatures. 

Depending on your codes and municipality, a foam and coating system may be considered roof maintenance. This means that the existing roof doesn’t need to be torn
off, greatly reducing landfill waste.

Contractors can make this a huge selling point when vying for bids, and commercial building owners can simply enjoy the savings. Everyone wins!

4. Efficiency for Both Contractors and Commercial Building Owners

Contractors and commercial building owners can benefit greatly from quicker project timelines and fewer headaches when they invest in a unified roofing system that pairs spray roofing foam with elastomeric roof coatings. This is especially true when they’re backed by the same parent company and backend warranties, like with the Rugged Roofing System. 

Rugged Coatings is providing the same reliable coating products you’re used to, with the industry’s best spray polyurethane roof foam products engineered to work together for superior protection. 

We’ve partnered with our sister brand, Accufoam®, to bring you the highest-performing roofing system available.

Contractors can save countless hours compared to working with separate manufacturers with competing warranties and incompatible contractor support systems. They’ll be able to get exactly what they need, when they need it, without having to operate across multiple workflows. They’ll have the same expectations and mutual understanding of the project at hand, not to mention the exceptional customer service that is known nationwide.

Commercial building owners can benefit from the sped-up timelines as well. They’ll have their building protected quicker when their contractors get the job done faster with the Rugged Roofing System. Plus, they’ll be able to have their questions and concerns addressed more efficiently when their contractors have a unified product package. 

Learn more about how to apply elastomeric roof coatings in 3 easy steps.

Everyone wins when they use the Rugged Roofing System. Contact us today for more information!